Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wear that Baby

First successful wrap - 6 days post partum!

When I was pregnant, I had a vague idea about things I wanted to do (or not do), products I wanted to have, and books I wanted to read to prepare for baby. I was pretty keen about babywearing and thus far it has proven to be an essential part of my child rearing.

I can't remember exactly what turned me onto the Moby wrap. I think it may have been seeing someone wear one and being intrigued by its design. I love seeing the babies so close to their mother (or father, guardian, etc.) and to be honest it just looked so natural. I knew I had to do some research and possibly buy one for our family.

So I hit the beloved internet and read up on the Moby wraps and all the praise they have behind them. Not only does it keep mama hands-free, but it also gives baby a good way of being worn as opposed to the crotch-dangler that otherwise goes by the Baby Bjorn. I registered for the Moby, with high hopes, and received it from my mom.

Before baby came, I took it out and washed the fabric and tried it out. Yikes! this is a lot of fabric. I think the first time I tried it (bear in mind I was 8 months pregnant) it took me about 15 minutes to get it "just right". I tried a few more times and even thought maybe it would be easier once she got here.

I pulled it out again six days after our girl arrived. The packaging indicates its best used at around 8lbs, and given that she was 8lb 11oz on her birthday I decided to try it out pretty early. She LOVED it. I was able to get her in fairly quickly, although she was sleeping so I'm not sure it would have made much of a difference. Those first few weeks I wore her primarily in the Newborn hug hold - in the fetal position. After 6 weeks or so, she made it clear she preferred her feet out.

Even my husband who was hesitant about the wrap has since come around. He insists I wear her when we go grocery shopping (or shopping for our Christmas tree!) to stave off onlookers during this flu season. He doesn't wear her out of the house, but if shes getting fussy at home and mom needs a break, he won't hesitate to put the thing on himself (and he knows how to, too!)

Our daughter is weighing in around 14lbs right now and the Moby claims to be good til she's about 35lbs or so. We only have one, which has proven to be more than enough. What I've read is that the Moby can be a great introduction into full on babywearing. There are a slew of other carriers (such as woven wraps, soft carriers like the Ergo, etc.) that I am just dying to get into now that she has grown a bit.

The one downside (is it really a downside??) is that she prefers (or downright insists) to sleep in the Moby during the day. On one side, its a lot easier to wear her than to have to sit on the couch holding her, but on another I worry about getting her to sleep in her crib. I try everyday for her to sleep on her own for naps and its an uphill battle (Ive already blogged about that 3 times!!). I keep reminding myself I can only do what I can and keep trying and that these moments of her sleeping on me are numbered. That last one makes me tear up a little!

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