Sunday, January 13, 2013

Party Girls

Ill come out and say it quickly: the baby shower was a success!! As I mentioned in my last post, my husband insisted on driving with us and I couldn't have been more happy that he did.

We got on the road later than I had planned (surprise??) and traffic was minimal. In the back, our daughter remained calm and on the brink of a nap for the duration of the 40 minute drive there. She was content and even played with a few of her toys.

She was the only baby at the shower and everyone just LOVED her. I got a lot of comments on how calm and observant she is and even more on how beautiful she is (I blush). It was great to see Jessica and a few other past co-workers and all in all the shower was delightful. They had a "tea time" theme with all sorts of petit fours and flavored teas - too sweet!

Our sweet girl struggled for the first few minutes of the drive home. She was tired (only napped the first 20 minutes of the shower - too much to see!) and was a little hungry, too. We pulled over and I fed her and after that it was smooth sailing once again. She fell asleep in no time and slept the duration of the ride home.

It feels really, really good to have that first trip away from home out of the way. My husband was key in calming my nerves - without him there I probably would have freaked out at the slightest whimper. We really do make a great team!

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