Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Dream of Sleep

Gotta love babies - always changing!

Last I wrote our girl had rolled over, hurrah! Once she figured out how to do it she straight up refuses to entertain anymore tummy time. She gets on her stomach and rolls over immediately. Girl has got it!

Since Monday she has been napping on her own pretty darn well. I swaddle her tight, nurse her, put some white noise on (via my phone so I lose access during her naps.. ah well), and put her in the pack and play. Usually she will fuss a little but with my hand on her chest she normally falls (and stays) asleep just fine. She has been refusing an evening nap, though, so the past two nights I've been wearing her in the Moby for the last nap. I figure 1 of 4 naps in it is better than all 4, right?

Now, she's been a great sleeper since pretty much day 1. She worked up to sleeping an average of 9 hour chunks at night UNTIL Monday night. Sigh! After that beautiful, very accomplished day, she went to bed at 7:15pm only to wake up just before midnight. And again at 3am. And again at 6am. She would wake up so HAPPY and GIGGLING and READY TO PLAY.I couldn't help but think

Oh dear. Not now, babe. Now its time for sleep.

But happy as a clam she was until I nursed her and put her back down. Well, this has been the case for the last two nights. Frantic, I turned to Google (ahh.. trusty Google). Turns out this is totally normal (doesn't make it easier) and is due to her sleeping more like an adult - coming in and out of sleep cycles. Unlike adults, who may fluff their pillow,  check the time, turn over, etc. she can't adjust and ends up waking up. At least I can take comfort in knowing this is a normal part of development. That should make it easier, right? ;)

In all seriousness, this week has been a blessing. I feel much more at ease than I did a few days ago. Yes, its momentary, until something else happens that makes me feel like I'm losing it, but its here now and I am thankful.

First time she fell asleep on her own. I think it was a fluke because it didn't happen again for a few more weeks. :) 12/21/12

Can't Resist that Smile 1/15/2013

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