Friday, January 11, 2013

Going the Distance

Tomorrow I have a babyshower to attend for an old coworker and its about 45 minutes from the house. I have been a little nervous the last few days, (since learning the distance) for its the furthest I've been from home since we brought her home over three months ago.

I brought this up to my husband, casually, and he immediately said he wanted to come with (sorta). Not actually to the babyshower, but we'd drop him off at a nearby Panera and he could do work while we go off to the shower. He said he didn't want me to be alone if the trip got to be too much. (Sweet, right?) Plus, he said he has plenty of work to do and this would force the issue for a few hours. This way, if our sweetie is feeling out of sorts on the way there or home, one of us can ride in the back and soothe her. Makes me wonder if we're coddling her (but I really think we're coddling ourselves).

I just think its really sweet that he wants to make sure it goes smoothly. We'll see just how smooth it goes :)

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