Friday, February 1, 2013

4 months old!

Our Peach is growing!

Wow, it is so hard to believe it has been four months already (and still no birth story post to be found). Looking over these snapshots, I can see just how much she has changed over this last third of a year. Her hair may be just "peach fuzz" now but she is sprouting like a big girl. For her three month picture last month, we squeezed her into a three month outfit that she had just received for Christmas from her Grandma (it was small then!). Now, she's comfortably in six month clothing and looking too cute if I may say so.

Yesterday, we had a friend over whose daughter is just shy of eight weeks younger than our girl. Its amazing to see the difference between the two. Our little girl isn't so little next to her!

Best Pals 1-31-13

This past month has been SO much fun (and a lot of hard work!). She has rolled over, found her feet, began napping by herself, started squealing (and loudly, I should add), grabs toys, puts her hands together. and much more. We have our 4 month check up next Thursday and I am just so excited to see how much she's grown. My best guess is that she's just shy of 15 lbs and 26 inches or so.

Sleeping is still difficult around here. She prefers to be swaddled to sleep for naps, although she doesn't need or want a swaddle at bedtime. Putting her to bed zonked out vs. awake but sleepy is still our best bet. If we try the latter she howls and its just too much to bear. We will begin sleep training soon, though (I hope!).

Shane and I discussed solids and we're just not ready yet. I've read a lot of information about baby's "virgin gut" and I'm not convinced she's able to digest solids properly til six months or so. When the time comes, I'm toying with trying Baby Led Weaning, a method that had baby feeding herself from the get go (forget purees) and will definitely be skipping rice cereal no matter when we start feeding her (that stuff is just crap). Needless to say, I know she will be getting most of her calories from breast milk until her first birthday and when we start solids it will be for testing/trying and not as if she needs to eat solids.

I have to say the further from that newborn stage we get, the more fun with her I seem to be having. She has a definite sassy personality and I just can't wait for what will be in store this month.

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  1. Our doctor said baby food is just for fun those first couple of months so that they start to experience different tastes. It's also good for them to learn how to "mash" so when they get to fingerfoods they have some of the mouth movements down. We've only done fruits and veggies no rice cereal here and C has LOVED it. She really loves feeding herself fingerfoods now. I say just take your time and do whatever feels right to you :)