Wednesday, February 6, 2013

4 month Stats

Peach with her favorite toy in January
  • Age: 4 months/ 18w 2d/ 128 days
  • Weight:14lb 11oz (between 50& 75 percentile)
  • Height: 25.5 in (between 75 & 90 percentile)
  • Head Circumference: 16 in. (between 25 & 50 percentile)
  • Hair Color:  Brown (starting to grow back!) 
  • Eye Color: Blue  
  • Diaper Size:  Size 2 (but we've had a few blowouts - time for size 3?)
  • Clothing Size:  6 months
  • Mommy's Favorite:  Her "kisses for mommy", Superman stretch, her smile, her laugh
  • Daddy's Favorite:  Bath time, singing songs, morning cuddles, her smile  
  • Favorite Toys By Month:
    • October= monkey rattle
    • November= giraffe music box stuffed animal
    • December= bumble bee toy
    • January =  knit doll
  • Sleep:  What a roller coaster ride her sleep patterns have been! This past month she went from sleeping on me in the Moby wrap, to sleeping swaddled in her pack-n-play to sleeping unswaddled in her crib! We've been battling the 4 month sleep regression (its getting better) and shes sleeping a 6 hour stretch (still not a lot :( ) followed by 2 hour naps, usually 2. Waking around 7 am. Naps were 40 minutes, 5 times a day - but she's made progress on those, too. Now she's sleeping 3 to 4 times a day for about an hour each. Still less than we'd like but its an improvement for sure! Another accomplishment? Waking up without crying. I can hear her waking up and "talking" in the monitor right now - happy as a clam. I've also noticed that she prefers to sleep on her side (although we still lay her down on her back).
  • Feeding:  Nursing for about 10 minutes every 3 hours, with a feeding (or two) in the middle of the night. Starting to take a bottle, too (hooray!!!) - now.. if only mom would take the time to pump.....

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