Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend update - Milestones galore!

There is really nothing better than having a fantastic weekend.

Saturday we met up with a few friends to watch my alma mater,VCU play in the second round of march madness. They didn't do so well but it was great to see our friends nonetheless. We even got to see Adeline, our friends eight month old daughter. At one point, Adeline was playing with one of Alison's toys and our girl tried her best to steal it back (which she eventually did) and we all had a laugh about that.

Adeline and Alison interact 3-23-13
Dads and their daughters 3-23-13

After the game we headed to Shane's parents house and hung out a bit while we watched even more basketball and discussed our Easter plans for next weekend. Always a good visit. We finished up the day at the dollar tree getting some everyday objects like measure cups for some sensory bins I'm working on for Alison. To date, this was the longest amount of time we've been out of the house since Alison arrived - only took up (almost) six months to be gone about six hours.

Sunday was a big day for Alison as well. She started the day off by sitting up by herself (!!!!) and (because of that) she also tasted her first solid food --avocado! She seemed a little unsure of it at first but seemed to like the taste offer first food. Shane's not 100% on board with Baby led weaning (he's getting there, I think. So for now were just making our own puréed vegetables- I figure well get to fruits in a bit. All in all I'm very excited for all these new experiences. Alison is taking them in stride - making her parents proud:).

Dad feeding Alison her first Avocado 3-24-13

The Aftermath 3-24-13

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