Monday, March 18, 2013

A Visit from Grandma

This weekend was nothing short of great. Actually I should amend that statement - Saturday was nothing short of great.
My mom came down for a visit and us girls went on a trip to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. She is a horticulturist by trade and I am embarrassed to admit that in the 8 1/2 years that I've lived in Richmond, I hadn't yet taken her to this wonderful place. The forecast was ominous but thankfully the predictions were wrong. We had a fantastic time checking out their Orchid exhibit in the conservatory and walking the grounds with Alison in tow. I only get to see my mom about once a month and this was a particularly good visit. I could tell Alison loved seeing all of the beautiful flowers and plants as well as her wonderful Grandma!

She loves to grab faces now :) 3-16-2013

My two favorite ladies 3-16-2013
My world 3-16-2013

Sunday, however, was no walk in the park. Alison was refusing to nap and I was feeling down about my mom's return home. The weather was overcast and added to my sad mood. Alison tried to refuse a nap this morning but I pulled out my secret weapon, the Moby wrap, and she has settled down and is sleeping on my chest now. Hard to believe that my girl will be 6 months old in just two weeks - Where has the time gone?!?

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