Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Making me Happy: Getting out of the house!! Thank goodness Spring begins this week because we've been so cooped up. Lately we've been able to go to a few story times at our local library and we've also taken a lot of walks around our neighborhood. Alison's also gotten so interested in the world around her and it just makes me beam with delight. 

Excited For: We're getting ready to convert our under used office into a playroom for Alison and I'm thrilled to dig in. She's going to really mobile before we know it and this room is just what we need. I'm thinking a trip to IKEA is in order - and soon!!! We'll need storage, a craft table, and a good kid-friendly area rug. We probably should get an actual computer desk while we're at it - our computer is currently sitting on an old door and bar stools. Not exactly kid room friendly. In our defense we made a built in desk at our last house which is why we're desk-less at the moment. We will get there!

Thinking About: Alison is going to be six month old in less than two weeks and she's so close to sitting up, too. Shane and I have talked and we think she's just about ready to start solids. We've got to bring in her highchair from the shed and clean it off and decide what her first meal will be (Avocado? Peas? Sweet Potatoes?) I just can't believe she will be eating solids! Definitely bitter sweet. 

Reading: I'm back to reading some baby books like the No-Cry Nap solution and I'm going to start thumbing through Baby Led Weaning again now that we're getting ready to start solids.  

Watching: I know I'm a little early, but I'm really excited for March Madness to officially begin. This year my alma mater, VCU, is dancing again - this time as a five seed! We should even get to see their first  game in its entirety since its at 9:45 Thursday night! (Knock on wood) GO RAMS!!!

She makes my heart smile. I can't get enough of her little chatter.

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