Tuesday, July 9, 2013

9 month stats

It's been busy around here! Alison is 9 months old, crawling EVERYWHERE and cutting her first two teeth. Given the pain of teething she's been handling it pretty darn well. I know I've neglected to update so I wanted to bring everyone up to speed.

9 month Stats

 This post is incredibly late, I know. Due to Spring Break and scheduling conflicts we just got Alison in for her 6 month check up & shots on Friday. The Pediatrician was very impressed by her growth and her sitting posture :) 
  • Age: 9 months & 9 days/ 40 weeks and 1 day
  • Weight: 18lbs 4 oz (25%) as of 7/2/13
  • Height:  28 3/8 in. (75%) as of 7/2/13
  • Head Circumference: 17 in. (25%) as of 7/2/13
  • Hair Color:  Light Golden Brown
  • Eye Color: Blue  
  • Diaper Size:  Size 3
  • Clothing Size:  9 - 12 months 
  • Teeth : Bottom 2 have broken through the gums
  • Mommy's Favorite:  Playing "So big", reading books together (she really loves to read!!), mealtime, nursing
  • Daddy's Favorite: mealtime,playing "so big", chasing each other in the walker, when I get to put her to bed at night :)
  • Favorite Toys By Month:
    • October= monkey rattle
    • November= giraffe music box stuffed animal
    • December= bumble bee toy
    • January =  knit doll
    • February = wooden teethers
    • March =  her "box of fun" (Thanks Megan!!)
    • April = bunny book 
    • May = Baby dolls
    • June = Her walker
    • July = books with baby faces
  • Sleep: Wow, what a wonderful sleeper we have! Last night she slept through the night *truly*, not waking before 6:30 am, even to eat! Normally she goes to bed anywhere between 6:30 pm & 7 and sleeps til 4:30-5am, gets up to eat and sleeps til 7:00-7:30am. She's taking two naps, between 1 1/2 hours long and 3 hours at 9am and 2 pm. She wakes talking and goes to sleep all on her own. What an amazing difference from a few short months ago. We know nothing of sleep deprivation and, like I noted above, she's even handling teething well. Way to kick butt, Alison!!
  • Feeding:This girl LOVES to eat. We know that solids are just for fun before one, but she has really taken to them. We've stopped the purees and are doing strictly finger foods three times a day. Some of her favorites are bananas, turkey, peas, blueberries, and sweet potatoes. I have to place food one at a time on her tray otherwise she shovels it all in! Breastfeeding is still going SO great and she's even become less distracted. Feels so good to still be nursing!

I'll leave you with some of my favorite pictures from the past few months :)

Visiting Grandpa (my dad)'s bench for the first time 6/1/13

Hanging out with mom 6/12/13

Happy Father's Day, Daddy! 6/16/13

Happy Fourth of July! 7/4/13

Having fun at the Children's Museum 6/28/13

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