Monday, June 10, 2013

On the Move!

Just this morning our girl started a full on army crawl. I knew it was coming soon and I am really proud of her but I know I'll miss the days of putting her on a blanket while I get some chores done.

Here she is, just this morning. Of course I filmed just a short snippet of her army crawl but trust me - its on. Just two days ago this was her trying to move around -

She had been "stuck" at this stage and so frustrated she couldn't move any further. She wanted to move but couldn't quite figure out the logistics.

And for laughs - here is video I "accidentally" captured on her 7 month "birthday" of her back-scooting to me. It was the only time she ever did this and as you can tell from the video, I found it hilarious. She booty bounces all the time during a diaper change, this was just the first (and only) time she used it to move.

Look at me! 6-9-13
Lastly, she started standing her her crib over the weekend. My little containable baby is no more. She's getting bigger by the minute!

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