Thursday, May 30, 2013

First La Leche League Meeting

Tuesday night I went to my first ever La Leche League meeting. I have been meaning to go to one since I was pregnant (whoops!) and nearly 8 months into parenthood I finally took some time out to go and I'm glad I did.

The main reason why I hadn't gone before was timing - the closest meeting to us starts at 6:30pm which is around Alison's bedtime. She isn't keen on bottles still (totally my bad) so I wasn't comfortable leaving her for an extended amount of time. I would have loved to bring her but I feared she would get too fussy and the thought of that made me too anxious to try. Needless to say, we're now comfortable with our routine enough to know that after I feed her (for the night), she won't be up for at least 5 hours, but usually 10 (I know, we're lucky!!) So Tuesday night I fed her, crossed my fingers, and let daddy take care of bedtime. 

I happened to be the only mom there (out of half a dozen) who didn't have a child with them. The rest of the women mentioned that their children have a much later bedtime so this meeting time suited them and they enjoy spending this time with them - made me miss my girl that much more! It was nice, however, to have some "me time" away from the house.

The meeting went great - we talked about how breastfeeding has made us a better mother and then moved on to troubleshoot a variety of issues that had come up. I asked about Alison's distracted nursing, while another mother lamented her low supply, and yet another mom, pregnant with twins, came to start the support early. Each woman had a different experience with breastfeeding and was truly unique. One of my favorite things about nursing has been the "sisterhood" that it brings and being able to help other mothers. I really did enjoy myself and can't wait for the next meeting at the end of June.

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