Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Making me Happy: My sweet family. Alison is currently hugging (and "kissing") us and it just about melts my heart every time. When I rock her to sleep she puts her head on my chest and holds on to me so tight until I put her down. Moments like these are what I live for! Thanks to the long weekend, we got to spend a lot of time as a family. Becoming a mother and seeing my husband as a father has really strengthen our marriage. Hard not to smile all the time! 

Excited For: I know I talked about this in my last "currently" post but its finally arrived: I'm excited for this weekend's trip to see my mom and for a friend's baby shower. Embarrassing confession: The furthest I I have traveled with Alison since she was born has been 40 minutes from the house (for another baby shower) and I was with my husband. This trip is just shy of 2 hours and we'll be at it alone. This will be the first time she has slept somewhere other than here in our house so that gives me a little anxiety. Overall, however, I couldn't be more thrilled. Additionally, I finally will get to visit my father's "grave" (he was cremated so instead of a grave he requested a bench at his parent's grave site, where we scattered his ashes). And I am worked up daily about that. I miss him immensely. 

Thinking About: Our summer plans. We aren't a beach going family but I have a feeling that will change some now that our girl is here. I want to start making plans for us to visit different places as well as sign us up for a class or two. One thing about staying home with our girl that has been a struggle is trying to vary our day some. It has gotten better the older she has gotten but I am so excited to be able to do some fun, interactive things with her. 

Reading: I'm reading Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald and I am waiting for it to pick up. To be honest I put it down about two days ago and need to start reading again. I like it alright (my favorite genre is biographies) but this book hasn't started to interest me quite yet. It has great rating so I am hopeful.

Watching: We just started watching the new season of Arrested Development. I think we're about 5 episodes in and so far I think its alright. Some reviews aren't buying into the new season at all but I don't think its been THAT bad. We're trying not to "binge" watch it - which is easy to do with Netflix - and I think that has helped us from being too cynical.

Another blogger note: I've been having trouble adding photos to posts from my desktop. Not to mention the formatting issues which are SO ANNOYING. I swear its one thing after another with this blog. 


  1. Baby kisses might just be the greatest thing in the world. :) (Though baby laughter isn't far behind!)

    Have you looked into Gymboree classes? Not sure if they have them out by you, but I try to take my little man to both a weekly class and an open gym once a week. He LOVES them and it helps get him socialization (as well as breaking up the day). I'm sure your local library also has some weekly events as well (most of the ones out here have storytime once or twice a week).

    Have you ever read 'Unbroken'? It's a recent memoir I read and it is just astonishing. I highly, HIGHLY recommend it. (My non-reading husband is actually reading it right now) Very quick read. Nearly impossible to put down for very long. :)

    1. Oh... and I love your format this week. I might have to steal it. :)

    2. Thanks Krysten!

      Wish I could take credit. I got the idea from Kara over at :)

    3. I definitely need to look into Gymboree classes (we have a store nearby, not sure about classes, though) as well as a music class. I know there are kid-gymnastic (not that that is what they do at this age) type classes nearby. Now is the time to sign up! Breaking up the day is SO essential.

      I will definitely take you up on the recommendation! I love a good book :)

    4. Apparently "Unbroken" is a popular title. Do you remember the author? Or what the subject matter was? Would love to start it soon! Thanks again for the recommendation :)

    5. You can look up classes here (gymboree offers the Mommy & Me general play ones as well as music ones, though I've never been):

      And here's the link to Unbroken:

      It's a heavy read, but totally worth it.