Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Making me Happy: Oh what isn't making me happy!? I am so thrilled that my little one can finally put herself to sleep and is sleeping through the night and having wonderful naps throughout the day. Any mom knows how amazing it is to get over the crap sleep hurdle. Its so nice to spend quality time with my husband at night once she goes down. He always makes me happy :)

Excited For: We're still more than a month out, but I'm excited for an upcomming baby shower for a friend that is due with her first, a girl, in July. Not only will I get to see some good friends but it will be the first trip that I've made home with Alison. I know my mom is excited to finally get to show off her granddaughter to a few of her friends. I can't believe I'm admitting this but we have yet to go further than 40 minutes from the house since she was born. YIKES!

Thinking About: Tomorrow our girl will be 7 months old and we're just two weeks shy of my first Mother's Day. I (re: Shane ;) ) ordered this necklace with Alison's name on it for Mother's Day and I'm looking forward to a nice visit with my mom, too. I am lucky to say my relationship with my mom has always been good but I think since I've become a mom we've become even closer. I just wish she didn't live so far away (even if it isn't all THAT far).

Reading: I've been reading The Interestings By Meg Wolitzer and let me just say how nice it is to have time to read again. Not only has this book been a delight so far, but getting the opportunity to actually read more than a handful of pages a day is pure bliss. If you're looking for a good novel to read I would definitely recommend it.

Watching: Over the weekend we watched Once Upon a Time in Mexico and Django Unchained. I had seen OUaTiM before but Django was a great watch as well. I was honestly skeptical that I wouldn't like it but it was a fun watch, given the subject matter. Christoph Waltz totally killed it.

I am so aware how behind I've been but don't worry - I'm not apologizing. Now that I've had time to clean during her naps I actually have time to do things for myself (like blog! and read!) so I expect to have another update or two before the weekend is up. 

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